Evidence – Normand Lockwood

Evidence: Normand Lockwood Case Update

Evidence: Normand Lockwood Case UPDATE

Sometime this spring, my amateur genealogist cousin suggested to my Great Uncle that he take a DNA test. She somehow felt that going back further into the past might reveal the actual common ancestor between Normand’s family and ours. Well, it worked, as a common ancestor was discovered (Robert Lockwood) born 1600 in Suffolk, England. Different branches same tree.

Fabulous news! It even makes original instincts about the music, and the man more compelling. The music is even more interesting, as I feel I’m mentoring with a master who was a relative. It’s almost as if it’s just there waiting for me to do the right thing. That’s precisely what I have in mind.

On December 1 of this year, I’ll be going into concert with “The Normand Conquest“, at Santa Monica Public Library. There will be new transcriptions: “Litany“, a woodwind sextet for the Oberlin years; (1938), 2 other piano solo pieces; “Fantasia” and “Eight Details and Summary” from the early 70’s and mid 80’s. Also material from last years’ album, with Ursula returning to sing some more songs, and Laura to play the “Sonata in Two Movements for Flute and Piano“.

As challenging as the solo pieces are, it’s worth it. I’m enjoying so much playing this music and feeling deeply about it. The importance of a good interpretation is even more then it would be with more popular literature. Others have blazed the trail; here, not so. This makes it even a more exciting process.

More to come! Thanks for tuning in.
Steve Lockwood

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