Normand Lockwood wrote over 500 works of all sorts. These are just a few, but certainly a view into his musical oeuvre. From the modal and moody “Litany” of 1938, to the abstractions of “Eight Details and a Summary” of 1982, these works should help whet your curiosity. Want to see more or have a questions? Feel free to Subscribe to my Channel, comment on the videos and I’ll be happy to respond!

Sonata in Two Movements and Coda for Flute & Piano Movement 2

Sonata Flute & Piano by Normand Lockwood 1st Movement

Piano Music: Eight Details & A Summary by Normand Lockwood 1986

Litany – Music for W.W. Quintet and Piano by Normand Lockwood

Instructional Videos

We all learn in different ways. Some of us our auditory, many are tactile, while others or learn visually. I wanted to cater to all different learning preferences and began teaching some of my Lessons from my book on YouTube. Check out some of the videos below.

Intro to Essentials of Jazz and Contemporary Piano

Bass Lines

Altered Blues

Use of Modes in Jazz