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What’s Been Happening Steve Lockwood?

In Late September a “Work in Progress” special presentation performance will be presented of excerpts for New Orleans Lowdown. N.O.L. is a 6 part dance suite/drama with a jazz score for a 9 piece band that I composed in 2007. The performance will occur in late September in La Canada at California Dance Arts Studio, 4490 Cornishon Ave. N.O.L. is a dance drama utilizing a multi-technical approach of choreographing to an instrumental jazz music score.

With an interest in innovation also comes an interest in telling stories.  The Suite concerns the lives of a group of young dancers and musicians in New Orleans before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. It contrasts the personal/communal lives of it’s characters with their response to this terrible tragedy. This response is central to the piece, as N.O.L. is actually but a example of the sufferings of any community in the world that must undergo this kind of test of human will and desire to recreate and rebuild.  This test has been repeated in various other disasters that have occurred before and since Katrina. It’s relevance therefore is global. This is one version of what could happen.

I have also decided to use the new Internet concept of “crowdfunding” to help fund this piece.  If you would wish to contribute to funding for New Orleans Lowdown, visit my Kickstarter Campaign here, where all the info on funding is available.

Check out my Kickstarter Campaign here.

A new chamber music composition is hot off the press and in rehearsal by the Los Angeles Flute Orchestra.  Since the success of L.A. Suite for Flute Octet, I was asked to write a piece featuring ethnic flutes.  I’ve responded with “All Roads Lead………..” a piece featuring Shakalute, the head of a Shakuhachi attached to a regular flute, and Bansuri, the flute of Hundustani Classical Music of India.  The piece is loosely structured as a raga, and along with 6 other flutes from the Orchestra, also includes Finger Cymbals and Tabla rounding out the instrumentation.  It is inspired by a true Renaissance musician, Colin Wolcott, without whose influence it would not have been possible.

I will keep you abreast of these developments and more in the future.  Thanks for tuning in.

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