Below are a few tracks from my Recorded Albums. Check them out and feel free to tell your friends. If you are interested in downloading any of my songs they are available for purchase using the links below.

Chamber Music By Normand Lockwood and Steve Lockwood

Chamber Music of Normand Lockwood and Steve LockwoodThis album features vocal and instrumental tracks from both composers. Probably the most interesting feature is the different ways that they feature the voice. Also, both composers are not at all fans of being “typecast”. Both have very eclectic tastes which finds them writing in many different styles and contexts. This album is available for purchase at CD Baby & Amazon.

Laura Osborn & Steve Lockwood – Sonata in Two Movements & Coda for Flute and Piano: I. Lento

Ursula Kleinecke & Steve Lockwood – He Who Remains Cheerful

Rhonda Dillon – Premonition 2: Music for Synthesizer and Voice

Laura Osborn & Dave Lamont – Los Angeles Suite for Flute Octet: I. Homage a Bela Bartok

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equiposeThis cd was recorded in various sessions during the Fall/Winter of 2003. All compositions are original. Many thanks to Wayne Peet for his fab help in the production process. Artwork on cover of Equipoise is a painting called ‘Seventh Chakra’- a metaphysical painting by artist Lydia E. Ringwald. This album is available for purchase at CD Baby & Amazon.

Steve Lockwood – Face to Face

Steve Lockwood – Symmetry

Fifth Floor Walk-up

fifth-floor-walkupThis album was recorded in New York in 1978, during my work with Craig in New York. Our repertoire consisted of hard-bop to “free” material, punctuated with a strong assortment of originals. Two of my early pieces, “Minotaur”, and “Virgin Wood,” are included here. The following excerpted review is from Cadence magazine issue of October 1979.

New Orleans Lowdown

new-orleans-lowdownThe songs of the suite open us to the drama itself, which centers on the individual lives and problems of its three main characters. Then something happens that totally transforms their lives, and they discover something far more important than their own personal problems.

Steve Lockwood – Blue Rainbow

Steve Lockwood – Crescent City Blues Part 1

Steve Lockwood – Desire and Reconciliation

Rite of Passage

rite-of-passageSetting aside comparisons, the truth is, Lockwood’s conceptual approach is destinctively his, both by way of his compositional style and the manner in which he executes his compositions. The results are, with Rite of Passage, he earns high marks on the scale of artistic achievement.–Excerpt from “L.A. Jazz Scene” Review, January 2002 by Russell Arthur Roberts

Steve Lockwood – Ed’s Thetic

Steve Lockwood – This is Now

My Work with Meredith Monk

My work with Meredith Monk/The House began in Minneapolis in 1974, with performances of of her epic opera, “Education of the Girlchild”. I merely played her organ music, performed on a Farfisa compact organ, but I felt connected to something entirely different and fascinating when I encountered her and her work. Three years out of college and being unsure of my future, I decided to let time tell as to whether we would meet and work together again. One year later, her New York keyboardist contracted hepatitis and was unable to work. She called me to perform “Girlchild” in Europe, and I subsequently moved to New York and continued working with her and her group.

In ten years of work with her, (between 1975 and ’85) I performed in “Education of the Girlchild”, “Small Scroll”, “Quarry”, an Opera Epic, “The Traveloque Series”, (Paris, Chacon, Venice/Milan), “Speciman Days”, a Cival War Opera, “Turtle Dreams” and “Atlas” An Opera in 3 Acts”. These pieces were performed at the Autumn Festival in Paris, France, La Biennale in Venice, Italy, the Mickery Theatre in Amsterdam as well as La Mama Repertory, the BAM Next Wave Festival and other venues in New York, the United States, Europe, and Japan. I have also subsequently appeared in three of her recordings for ECM records, including “Dolmen Music”, “Turtle Dreams”, and the double cd, “Atlas, An Opera in Three Acts” with “Oregon” percussionist Collin Walcott.

Monk: Atlas – An Opera in Three Parts


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Meredith Monk: Dolmen Music


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